May 21

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What is a full-size bakkie truck

What is a full-size pick up truck

A full-size pick-up truck is primarily distinguishable by the superior engine power it delivers as compared to light and medium-duty bakkies. While there is not much difference in the size of the bakkies, light-duty or passenger vehicles are designed with light-engine capabilities, mid-sized trucks are designed to deliver robust performance while full-size bakkies offer enhanced power. Heavy-duty bakkie trucks offer even more power than full-sized bakkie trucks and are designed to be about the same size imprint.

Depending on the type, bakkies also come with different kinds of tyres to best suit the vehicle’s utility. When considering between whether to invest in a mid-sized or full-sized bakkie truck, be sure to consider what the truck is for, utility or lifestyle and act accordingly. Most medium bakkie trucks serve perfectly for average payloads of around 1400 pounds, whereas the carriage of any loads above 2000 pounds would ideally require the use of a full-size bakkie. Moving frequent payloads of around 7000 pounds would need a heavy-duty bakkie.

Just like light-duty bakkies, full-size bakkie trucks also offer all modern features and technology serving both utilitarian needs as well as lifestyle aspirations of buyers.


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