Aug 26


Green Steps Towards Reducing Pollution

Here are 3 ideas which as a group we can follow and contribute towards the reduction of pollution –

  • Reduce the use of plastic in dustbins at offices– At every desk we have a dustbin with a plastic bag in it. And if we substitute these bags with a newspaper, we can help reduce the use of plastic. I am a resident of Bangalore at present and in our apartment we follow the same process while disposing waste, thus reducing the use of plastic bags which end up in the trash. Newspapers are available in all offices and need not be purchased separately. This will help reduce our purchase cost for plastic bags as well.


  • Reduce the use of mineral water bottles– We serve numerous single use mineral water bottles in every meeting room on a daily basis. Instead of these bottles, if we can have glasses being served with water. The pantry/ canteen service people can change the glasses every 2/ 3 hours during such meetings.


  • Vertical Gardens– Bangalore has a few flyovers whose pillars have vertical gardens to reduce pollution levels. A similar concept can be used for all Tata group offices. We could also use it as a CSR activity to maintain these plants. With proper budgets and approvals, we can use similar ideas to decorate and maintain the vertical gardens on flyovers near to our offices like many organizations do to maintain the road near their offices etc.

This article is written by Priyanka Datta Chaudhuri.


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